Dear Sir or Madam!

For many years, we have been lucky to fulfill our passion by creating unique, original interiors, furniture and other utility objects especially for you. We complete art collections of classic and modern forms.In cooperation with outstanding figures of the world of art, we complete our implementation by giving them the potential of the work.

We work only with original, custom-made material that is valuable in terms of aesthetic quality. As Creators, we strictly protect and value intellectual property rights, which is why we use only the highest quality branded products in interior design. We carry out orders in Poland and abroad.

Miniature jewelery art objects are complete and unique works in their form. They are dedicated directly to a specific person. Due to their closeness to the body, they have magical powers. They add shine and make us feel special.

We design and manufacture unique original jewelery objects, short series and occasional objects.
We work with industry professionals. This gives the possibility of creation in any material, combining elements of the composition
and giving them unique shapes.

All our facilities are handmade.

We realize collections for individual orders
from stones and precious metals. Necklaces, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, brooches. We carry out original projects for the needs of external contracting.

We organize individual presentations at our clients or in our partner showrooms.


   Karolina Małgorzata Płonka and Borys Jan Krzywka