How to take care of jewelry

Author's jewelry is most often unique forms, the unique character of which does not have indestructible properties. There is no "forever" thing and you should be aware of it. By using our facilities as intended and following these guidelines, we can definitely limit the possibility of their destruction. Let's enjoy your jewelry for years!

Housework and physical exertion : definitely download

When planning housework, remember that it is easy to accidentally hook up with an object, which can lead to jewelry bursting. When you go to the gym, jogging or other physical activities leave jewelry at home. During exercise, it is easy to break the chain, necklace, not to mention bracelets.

Never wear rings while performing heavy handwork, point pressure can cause them to burst, bend but above all it can be dangerous to your health.

Remember, jewelry made of gold and silver does not like sweat, with which toxins are secreted from the body. They can cause a change in the colour of precious metals.

Chemicals and water : avoid

Depending on the type of material from which the object is made, it will react differently to the effects of exposure with chemicals and water.

Always remove the jewelry before using cleaning agents!

Frequent contact with water can also cause the ingredients contained in it to have a disastrous effect on the appearance of jewelry. We can lose gloss or discolor the object.

Remove the jewelry before washing your hands and bathing. Chlorine in the pool and salt water in the sea can also damage the surface of the facilities.

Keep in mind that contact with chemicals can damage or discolor precious metals-gold, silver and platinum, and can also harm some colored precious stones.

Even commonly used substances such as perfumes and other cosmetics can contain chemicals that will damage the surface of jewelry.

So try to make sure that the jewelry does not come into contact with cosmetics, watch out for creams and do not spray it with perfume.

Store the jewelry in the right way: pearls separately !

Jewelry can be destroyed when you do not wear it, which is most often a consequence of improper storage.

Store jewelry with pearls separately, preferably in bags made of natural and airy fabrics. For pearls, high temperature, strong lighting and dry air are very harmful. They can be refreshed with warm water with the addition of natural soap. After rinsing with water, we dry them and gently rub them with a cloth of fabric.

Gold or silver jewelry should never be stored in bulk. By throwing objects into a drawer or other box, you expose them to scratches
and damage.

Jewelry is best kept in suitable boxes with partitions and interior padded with soft material. In addition, in bags of delicate fabric.

Don't forget about proper security when you take it on a journey. In transport, separate each piece, necklaces, rings and earrings from each other. You will protect your jewelry from scratches, tangles or other damage.

Remember that no matter how much your jewelry cost, if it looks delicate then that's what it is. Handle it gently.